Drawings 2012

2012-1   2012-16   2012-11   2012-7 24/32(cm)

2012-2 24/32(cm)   2012-15 24/32(cm)   2012-14 32/24(cm)   2012-5

2012-6   2012-12   2012-4   2012-8



Drawings 2010-2011


drawing2011-15   drawing2011-9   drawing2011-11   drawing2011-6

DSC_0888   drawing2011-2   drawing2011-10   drawing2011-4

drawing201-14   drawing2011-8   drawing2011-13   drawing2011-7   


drawing24   drawing28   drawing29   drawing30

drawing31   drawing32   drawing26   drawing27

51/41 (cm) private collection


Drawings 2008-2009


thumb_drawing1   thumb_drawing2   thumb_drawing3   thumb_drawing4

thumb_drawing5   drawing9   drawing7  drawing10

drawing13   drawing14   drawing12   drawing15

drawing16   drawing17   drawing18   drawing19

drawing20   drawing21   drawing22


All drawings that are NOT "private collection" are on sale.

Prices under 2011-2012  small; 1200SEK+12% tax, medium; 1500SEK+12%tax  large; 2200SEK+12% tax

Please contact to the artist if you are interested in private studio visit at Stockholm.